The value of our investment goes beyond the growth capital we contribute. We offer businesses the support and operational expertise of seasoned business leaders—a key lever for transformation and, ultimately, growth.

Launched in late 2015, Walter Capital Partners is a private equity firm that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision of the Somers family, founders of the Walter Group. At Walter Capital Partners, our managing partners all have senior operating experience in running businesses as well as strong financial backgrounds.

Backed by a solid entrepreneurial vision and our international network, we leverage our business acumen and experience leading companies—along with our capital investment—to become key partners in the growth of our portfolio companies, both at home and abroad. Just as importantly, our capital is patient. We give companies the time to reach new heights of success.


Our partners

Experienced partners who understand the challenges faced by businesses

Our managing partners, starting with our President and CEO Éric Phaneuf, have a proven track record as business leaders and investors, developing and implementing creative strategic initiatives, establishing solid management teams and creating value through judicious acquisition plans. Combined with the support of the Walter Group, the experience of our team represents a major advantage for the companies in our portfolio.



Thinking like entrepreneurs

With their background managing companies in a variety of sectors and supporting entrepreneurs in optimizing the operations of their companies, our Managing Partners truly understand the challenges and concerns of today’s business leaders.

Growing through transformation

When undertaking ambitious development plans, our managing partners put their experience to use to the benefit of their management, enabling them to pinpoint strategic priorities and to lay the groundwork to overcome the challenges of growth.

Taking the time to expand

For us, this means having the patience to build a solid foundation and giving ourselves the time to make good decisions that will create value in the long term, without the obligation to exit our investments within a set timeframe.

Our goal: Ensure companies achieve lasting success.


A business ecosystem

Walter Capital Partners is part of the Walter Group, a business ecosystem led by the Somers family that represents their interests and values.

Guided by a multigenerational entrepreneurial spirit, the Walter Group has flourished for nearly 70 years. Having started as an industrial company that grew into a leader of its industry, the Group has since evolved into a fully-fledged investment firm comprising a team dedicated to public investments, three teams specialized in private equity and a team focusing on new food projects.

At the helm of it all is a team of seasoned operators with strong business acumen and extensive financial insight. This approach empowers the Group to be actively involved in managing its investments, providing a robust and sustainable framework that underpins each of its companies.

Our people

Management Team

The members of our Managing Partner team have experience as entrepreneurs, on top of their solid financial and investment expertise. Their career trajectories have included upper management positions at large companies in a variety of sectors, positioning them as valuable advisors to the businesses in our portfolio.

Éric<br> Phaneuf Éric<br> Phaneuf
President and Chief Executive Officer
Cynthia <br>Ménard Cynthia <br>Ménard
Director of investments
Alexandre Bilodeau Alexandre Bilodeau
Alexandre Bilodeau
Investment Associate
Alexandre Lucas Alexandre Lucas
Alexandre Lucas
Investment Associate

Investment Committee

René <br>Fournier René <br>Fournier
Head of the Committee
Éric<br> Phaneuf Éric<br> Phaneuf
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pierre <br>Somers Pierre <br>Somers
Committee Member
Isabelle <br>Somers Isabelle <br>Somers
Committee Member
Alexandre <br>Somers Alexandre <br>Somers
Committee Member
François <br>Beaudoin François <br>Beaudoin
Committee Member
Sylvain <br>Brosseau Sylvain <br>Brosseau
Committee Member
Pascal <br>Duquette Pascal <br>Duquette
Committee Member
Russel<br> Goodman Russel<br> Goodman
Committee Member