Walter Capital Partners teams up with companies that need financial support to expand, but that are also seeking a business partner with the experience and expertise to optimize their growth.

Our focus: well-established small and medium-sized businesses looking to further their growth and in need of financial and human capital to support their development and drive their performance, particularly in international markets.

For us, capital and expertise are equally important levers for the success of the companies we invest in.

Our investment criteria:

Business Model The company is anchored by a proven business model showcasing its high growth potential.
Size The company generates a recurring EBITDA of over $5 million, or has a business value of more than $30 million.
Industry We are open to a range of industries, as we believe the expertise we can provide is relevant to businesses in various sectors.
Ownership structure Given our involvement, we favour ownership interests that afford us a certain level of control, with the structure adapted to each situation. Ownership can be in full or partial, including substantial minority stakes.

Our investment opportunities

  • Intergenerational transfers and successions
  • Change in shareholdings
  • Complete buyouts
  • Non-core divisions
  • Industry consolidation
  • Privatizations
  • Conflicts between shareholders
  • Innovative business models
  • Selective turnaround situations

Our average investment is between $10 and $25 million.


Success of the companies in our portfolio

Our operational expertise brings proven added value to our investments. The approach developed by Walter Capital Partners has already enabled several of our portfolio companies to post standout results over the course of our partnership. And for some, this is just the beginning of an extremely promising future.