Walter Capital Partners invests in Clareo, leading Quebec dental network

Walter Capital Partners (“Walter Capital”) today announces a partnership with Clareo Dental Network (“Clareo”), the largest domestic network of dental clinics in Québec, to propel its growth. This transaction marks Walter Capital’s 14th investment in Canadian businesses with high growth potential.

“Walter Capital has a vast experience in the health and wellness sector and we look forward to sharing our insights with Clareo in order to give the network the means to achieve its ambitious goals,” says Walter Capital President and CEO Éric Phaneuf. “We’ll collaborate with the Clareo team to build a network of more than 50 general and specialty dental clinics in the next five years, opening new opportunities for Quebec dentists to join our top‑tier network.”

A significant proportion of dentists are approaching retirement without succession plans in place, while many others are electing to focus more on clinical practice rather than managing a clinic. The Clareo network presents the chance to offload the management aspect while maintaining a commitment to providing high-quality dental care. With its client‑centred approach, Clareo ensures personalized service and deploys modern technology to give its clients access to a full range of dental services under one roof.

“Walter Capital’s expertise in health and wellness sectors combined with best practices within its portolio companies, will strengthen the attractive solution we offer dentists across the province,” explains Dr. Alain Thivierge, Clareo President and Founder. “They expressed confidence in our team from the outset, which is a key element for us in any partnership, as it speaks to the people‑first culture of our dental clinics. We were also drawn to Walter Capital being a Quebec-based company.”

About Clareo Dental Network

Clareo Dental Network is a network of dental clinics located in several regions across Quebec. They offer a full range of local services—both generalist and specialist—that are at the leading edge of dental practices and meet the highest quality standards. Clareo’s mission is to provide its patients with the best dental services in Quebec.