Operational expertise.
Patient capital.
Sustained growth.

At Walter Capital Partners, our investment model extends beyond contributing capital to businesses with the potential to grow.

We’ve also shown that by leveraging our expertise, we enable companies to base their growth on solid and lasting foundations.

Together, we reach new heights.

We’re more than investors. We’re key partners that support you in growing your business.

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Our approach

Our approach to collaborating with businesses is based on three pillars that define our methods.

We have the skills and experience to understand the realities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and to pinpoint organizational changes required to propel their growth. We also afford them the time to do things right.

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Overview of our partnerships

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“Walter Capital Partners’ level of investment goes deeper than providing capital. The involvement of the managing partners and their team was instrumental in reaching the next stage of our development.”


Sophie Boulanger President and Chief Executive Officer

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“We knew we’d found the best partners for Edge when we met the managing partners because of our aligned values and the long-term commitment we see from Walter in building businesses.”


Dan Boudreau Chief Executive Officer

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“Walter Capital and its partners uphold values very close to those of a family business interested in more than a short-term financial investment. They embrace a long-term vision and offer strategic and operational support to companies. Beyond simply contributing growth capital, they serve as true partners in developing the business, its talent and its teams!”


José Chagnon President and Chief Executive Officer

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